Terms & Conditions

1. ELIGIBILITY: You are eligible to enroll for membership in the Aradhana Loyalty Programme as long as you are a Sri Lankan National. If you are a foreign visitor residing in Sri Lanka, you are also welcome to join the programme so long as you have a valid residential visa.


2. VALIDITY: Your duration of membership will initially be limited to one year based on the date of your enrollment in the programme. If you sign up for the programme on 01/09/2014, then your membership will be valid until 31/08/2015. We would like to encourage you to be as active as possible with your membership and use your card whenever possible to accumulate points. Membership will initially be probationary until members have acquired a minimum of 1500 points.


3. RENEWAL: If you fulfil all the minimum requirements of your membership (e.g. required number of points per year), then it will automatically be renewed for the following year. Unfortunately, if you do not fulfil the minimum requirement prior to your review date, your membership will automatically be discontinued.


4. USE YOUR MEMBER NAME: When making bookings and finalizing any bills at Jetwing Hotels please ensure that your member name is used as this will facilitate the accumulation of points. It is important that you make all reservations using your name so you can be recognized and rewarded accordingly as a member of the programme.


5. BENEFITS AND PRIVILEGES: Through Aradhana, you will receive a variety of benefits and privileges based on the tier of your loyalty card. Points will be awarded per visit and will be based on the net value of your final bill after both taxes and membership discounts have been taken into consideration


6. ENTITLEMENT CONDITIONS: Please note that Aradhana by Jetwing discounts cannot be combined with any other internal or external promotional offers. Kindly be advised that the terms and conditions of all external offers will vary and will need to be adhered to.


7. LOYALTY TIERS: In order to reward you for your loyalty, we have created three tiers, each with its own unique benefits. As you stay with us more frequently, you will earn more points and climb the membership ladder, receiving more benefits and privileges along the way.

• A collective bill value of Rs. 150,000.00 will be equivalent to 1500 points (1 point for every Rs 100 spent) at any Jetwing Hotel. After accumulating 1500 points, you will be eligible for Silver membership.

• A collective bill value of Rs. 250,000.00 will be equivalent to 2500 points (1 point for every Rs 100 spent) at any Jetwing Hotel. With 2500 points you will be eligible for Gold membership.

• A collective bill value of Rs. 350,000.00 will be equivalent to 3500 points (1 point for every Rs 100 spent) at any Jetwing Hotel. With 3500 points, you will be eligible for Platinum membership.


8. USING YOUR POINTS: All points earned through Aradhana have no cash or monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash. Points are specifically provided for rewards and/or promotional offers conducted by Jetwing Hotels and approved partners.


9. UPGRADING YOUR CARD: After one year of membership, you will be qualified for an automatic upgrade to the next tier if you have earned the minimum number of points required for that particular tier. If you have not earned the required amount of points for an upgrade but have maintained all your current tier requirements, you will still be able to retain your tier status. Kindly note that if you are unable to meet the minimum number of points to maintain your tier status, you will automatically be downgraded to the tier below.
















10. TIER PROGRESSION: The base point value of each tier will be set off against membership renewal at the end of your membership duration. We encourage our guests to be active members of Aradhana so they can progress up the tiers. In order to preserve the quality of the programme and ensure customer fulfilment at the same time, we continuously review all our members at our own discretion. Please note that all points earned will expire at the end of the year and cannot be carried forward.


11. SUPPLEMENTARY CARDS: A supplementary card will be offered for Platinum members if required. The entire supplementary membership and all the terms and conditions of the card will be the same as for the primary card, including the membership duration.


12. UTILIZING BENEFITS: To utilize your benefits, your Aradhana by Jetwing membership card should be presented at the time of check-in and check-out at all Jetwing properties and selected partners. Benefits of Aradhana by Jetwing will be extended solely to the card member and are non-transferable.


13. PARTNER CONDITIONS: We work with select partners to enhance your overall experience with us, however please note that our partner list can change without prior notice. Please note that while utilizing the offers given by partners of Aradhana, the terms and conditions of such partners will apply.


14. CARDHOLDER CONDITIONS: Although we try to make your membership a seamless process, we will occasionally ask you to show us your membership card to verify information and extend all necessary benefits to you accordingly


15. TRAVELLING WITH FOREIGN GUESTS: We understand that you may occasionally need to travel with visiting foreign guests. If you are accompanied by a non-resident foreign guest, you will only be able to obtain discounts on your room rate. However as a member, you will still be able to accumulate points off your non-resident guest’s booking.


16. F&B RESERVATIONS: We do our best to accommodate your dining requirements; however we are able to extend the Aradhana discount up to a maximum of 15 people per reservation and this is inclusive of children.


17. SPECIAL OFFERS: In order to offer you an exciting mix of holidays and travel experiences at a more affordable price, we will occasionally introduce Aradhana special offers for your use.


18. EXTRA CHARGES AND POINTS: Points and discounts will not be awarded based on;

(1) Banquet charges, corporate meetings, weddings and other similar functions.

(2) Rooms booked as office space.

(3) Business centre facilities used by non-resident member guests.

(4) Complimentary services.


19. ROOM STAY LIMITS: As you may occasionally travel in larger groups, you can receive points and discounts for up to 05 rooms per stay.


20. RETURNING YOUR CARD: if you are a resident visa holder and are returning to your country having served your term please be kind enough to return your membership card to us when leaving the country.


21. LOST CARDS: Please note that if you lose your card, you will be subject to a minimal charge of Rs. 1000 to enable us to replace your card.


22. MEMBERSHIP RULES: Whilst we have developed rules and guidelines for Aradhana by Jetwing, we may occasionally make changes to the programme. Please note that Jetwing has the right to amend any programme rules, conditions, benefits, awards and award categories at our discretion, at any time.


23. PERSONAL INFORMATION: Please be assured that your personal information is managed only by Jetwing Hotels. We also ask members to be aware that information provided will be used for Jetwing’s purposes to maintain and assist the company’s membership records, guest services, advertising, marketing and communications.


24. MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION: In the event that you wish to cancel your membership, please notify Jetwing Hotels and make arrangements to return your card.


25. MANAGEMENT POLICY: Please note that if a member does not adhere to the programme guidelines, the management of Jetwing Hotels reserves the right to withdraw membership at their own discretion.


26. Please note that the Aradhana loyalty programme can be discontinued at any time at the management’s discretion.