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Stepping into the world of Aradhana is simple too. The next time you visit a Jetwing hotel, remember to pick up an application form and register with us – free of charge. You can also register online, if you wish to. As a member of Aradhana, you will be eligible for all the special benefits according to the points you have gathered. We will issue you with a temporary membership card, and you will start accumulating points each time you stay at a Jetwing hotel. These points are added automatically to your bill and the more points you gain, the more benefits you will be entitled to as well. In addition to special offers, great discounts and upgrades, you will also be treated to little luxuries that will go a long way to make your experience with us at Jetwing even better.

So step in and be a part of Aradhana by Jetwing, and start enjoying all we have in store for you.

Membership Qualification

A probationer will qualify to a tier on reaching the minimum required points. For re-qualification, points will be calculated on bills within a period of 365 days from the date a member qualified to a tier.

Tier Status

The tier status will be valid for a period of 12 months. Members will have 12 months from the date of qualifying to be eligible for the next tier or retain the same tier status.

Earning of Points

Rs. 100 = 1 point

To qualify for Silver membership, a probationer must have 1,500 points and a member must have 1,050 points to retain the membership.

To qualify for Gold membership, a probationer must have 2,500 points and a member must have 1,750 points to retain membership.

To qualify for Platinum membership a probationer must have 3,500 points and a member must have 2,450 points to retain membership.

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