About Aradhana

Formerly known as Jetwing Club, we have always extended an unmatched service to our members and now, reborn as Aradhana by Jetwing we go beyond expectations to offer you so much more. Our logo, the moonstone is a traditional motif that symbolises welcome. An exquisitely carved stone crescent, moonstones were placed at royal thresholds and places of significance, denoting a revered welcome. It epitomises our belief in treating our guests to unmatched privileges and unforgettable travel experiences, inviting you to step into an exclusive world of benefits.

For simplicity, membership privileges are categorized according to 3 separate tiers – Silver, Gold and Platinum, with each successive tier bringing larger discounts and more privileges than the former. Members can enjoy discounts on room rates, food and beverages, discounts at the spas, more special offers and a host of other bonuses that provide you further convenience and luxury, just the way you want it. Qualifying to a membership tier is by way of points earned based on expenditure, and the sooner you qualify to a tier, the sooner you can start partaking of the full privileges of membership. It’s a simple system, one intent on giving you, our esteemed guest a service beyond any other.